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IMS Policy


To be benchmark as a company which sets standards for Manufacturing and marketing of Halal & Economical Quality drugs in all therapeutic classes for all segments of society in a safe & Eco-friendly plant.


To develop, implement and continuously improve the Integrated Management Systems (QMS, EMS, OH&S and HALAL) in a culture of continuous improvement which

  • Directs the organization to focus on customer needs and requirements and fulfillment of these requirements.
  • Promotes professional and flexible work environment, teamwork and innovation through employee participation and process ownership.
  • Encourage the practice of “Prevention Is Better Than Cure” through system procedures as a part of our OH&S policy to avoid any injuries and ill health activities.
  • To fully comply with all Environmental, OH&S & Halal legislation & drive Regulatory compliance in the light of cGMP.
  • To implement good Halal, Environmental & OH&S practices in conjunction to cGMP across our entire operation.
  • Provide framework based on PS 3733, Global Halal, Quality, and Environmental & OH&S Management Systems.
  • To reduce the use and abuse of natural resources.
  • Encourage a healthy practice of recycling in resources consumed.
  • Provide our employees with the basic, necessary training & resources required in our objectives.
  • To promote & invite customers, suppliers and contractors in an effort to protect our environment as an Eco-friendly leader.
  • Monitor and economize the Cost of Quality.