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About Us

We Produce High Quality Medicine Affordable to Everyone ...

Linz Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd. is dedicated to enhancing human life through development, manufacture and sale of quality pharmaceuticals products. with its main office and manufacturing facility at Korangi Industrial Area (Karachi,Pakistan). Linz thanks to Doctors, Pharmacists & health care institutions, which posed trust in the quality and efficacy of the Linz products.

Today, Linz is one of the fastest growing national pharmaceuticals companies, proud of the current market share of its products. Linz products offer unique advantages in health care system.The company is continuously evaluating new prospects to add to the existing porfolio. Our group was originally established in early 1970’s as Munico Associates International (MAI Group of Companies), participating in counter trade and barter transaction for pharmaceutical goods with many Multinational Companies all over the World, acting both as agents principals,we are active in all areas of foreign trade operations,clearing switch transactions. Munico has been in Packaging business known as PAKISTAN INTERNATIONAL PACKAGES (Pvt.) Ltd., (PIPPL)for more than Ten years. PIP manufactures high quality Aluminum Pilfer Proof,Roll-on Caps for Pharmaceuticals and Food industries. PIP also manufactures best quality Glass ampoules for pharmaceuticals. Beside this, our group is always on the lookout for & does not miss any opportunity to avail the chance to source market any item or introduce technology of medical interests.

Mission and Vision

To be benchmark as a company which sets standards for manufacturing and marketing Economical Quality drugs for all segments of society and for all therapeutic classes in an eco friendly plant.

Pakistan's First

Pakistan’s First Dedicated Cephalosporin Manufacturing plant Working under Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) as per FDA guidelines Approved by Ministry of Health panel in category Very Good.

High Quality

Linz is Making a Significant Contribution to Assist Increasingly Cost Conscious Health System.With Rising Healthcare Costs it’s Necessary to Find the Most Effective Quality Treatments at a Reasonable Price.

Nitrogen Added Pack

Nitrogen Added Pack Using Pure Filtered High-Purity Nitrogen Air in Suspension Pack to Keep Zero Natural Air to Maintain Product Lifetime & to Ensuring Long Shelf Life Of Suspension With Freshness Of Flavor.


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    Pakistan's First

    Pakistan's First Dedicated Cephalosporin Manufacturing plant

    Dedicated Cephalosporin Manufacturing plant Working under Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) as per FDA guidelines Approved by Ministry of Health Panel in category Very Good.

    Halaal Certification
    By RI&CA | Renaissance Inspection & Certification Agency |

    We complies diligently with all Islamic and legal requirements as Pakistan Halaal Standard (PS-3733:2016), Global Halaal Management System (IHI-Alliance Malaysia) and Malaysian Standard MS-2424:2012. The Company assures its Muslim consumers that all products (with Halaal/ حلال Logo) manufactured and distributed by Linz Pharmaceuticals have been certified halaal. Linz Pakistan has consistently adopted a stringent internal control within our Halaal Assurance system. All Pharmaceutical products sold and marketed by Linz Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd. are produced in Pakistan and have received Halaal certification from Renaissance Inspection & Certification Body (RI&CA).

    ISO 9001

    Linz Pharmaceuticals is one of the very first 1SO 9001 certified manufacturers in Pakistan who adopted, implementd and fully compliance with ISO 9001. This standard provides a process-oriented approach to documenting and reviewing the structure, responsibilities, and procedures required to achieve effective quality management.

    ISO 14001

    Linz Pharmaceuticals plays a proactive role in preserving marvels of mother nature for future generations. To attain our objectives, we have developed process and equipment accordingly that either reduce or completely eliminate pollution, required to achieve effective quality management.

    ISO 45001

    Linz Pharmaceuticals plays a proactive role and serious about improving employee safety, reducing workplace risks and creating better, safer working conditions, Our ISO 45001 certification ensure health and safety, assure and to protect employees and visitors from work-related accidents and diseases.