Pakistan’s 1st Certified Halaal Pharmaceuticals.

We complies diligently with all Islamic and legal requirements as Pakistan Halaal Standard (PS-3733:2016), Global Halaal Management System (IHI-Alliance Malaysia) and Malaysian Standard MS-2424:2012. The Company assures its Muslim consumers that all products (with Halaal/ حلال Logo) manufactured and distributed by Linz Pharmaceuticals have been certified halaal. Linz Pakistan has consistently adopted a stringent internal control within our Halaal Assurance system.

All Pharmaceutical products sold and marketed by Linz Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd. are produced in Pakistan and have received Halaal certification from Renaissance Inspection & Certification Body (RI&CA). Linz Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd. is committed to the safety and security of the halaal production and marketing of all halaal products. Linz Pharmaceuticals established an internal Halaal Committee to facilitate implementation of Halaal standards and procedures in all areas pertaining to Halaal compliance. All Linz products produced and marketed by the Distributors in Pakistan and exports to other countries are halaal. All of our Halaal product’s packaging is also clearly labelled with a Halaal / حلال symbol.

Assuring the quality and safety of its products, and responsible labeling, has always been a top priority for Linz Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd. in all markets throughout the world.

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